Get Your Florida Homeowners Insurance Today

There’s no two ways about it. You need Florida homeowners insurance from While there is certainly a lot that goes into home ownership, insurance must be considered one of them. Otherwise, sadly, any old freak accident could change everything you love in life in the blink of an eye. Keep reading to learn more about why this form of insurance is so important.

Getting a Mortgage

First, you’re just not going to get a home if you don’t have plans to pay for its insurance. This is just a no brainer. No bank in Florida is going to float you 6 figures to buy a house without knowing that their borrower has at least insured the place. Otherwise, should the unthinkable happen, they could very well be left holding the bag.

So while it may be possible to secure a mortgage without Florida homeowners insurance waiting for you, it’s extremely unlikely. Even if you do secure it, chances are it’s going to be really expensive.

Florida-Specific Problems

It’s too bad, but the truth is that Florida is not always the hospital state it’s portrayed as throughout the country. While the people may always be nice, their weather is seemingly always looking to cause damage. In fact, so well known is their reputation for hurricane’s that Miami’s legendary football program is named after them. Obviously, if you live in an area where hurricanes occur, you’re going to want Florida homeowners insurance to cover you.

However, hurricanes aren’t a realistic concern for every Floridian. Plenty of them have torrential rain or other tropical storms to worry about. Many of these types of weather conditions can cause serious damage to your home and none of them have problems moving inland to do it. Without homeowners insurance, you’re just waiting for trouble.

Customizing Your Homeowners Insurance

It’s important to point out that Florida homeowners insurance is highly customizable. No one expects you to buy the same package as someone across the state. Again, sometimes your options may be limited depending on the bank and your mortgage. Nut other times you may find yourself with full reign. In this situations, its important to get exactly what you need and nothing more.

What you don’t want is to run into a situation where your insurance doesn’t cover something awful that happened to your residence. At the same time, insurance can be pricey at times and you absolutely don’t want to find down the road that you spend years paying for coverage you didn’t need.

So before you get homeowners insurance, consider asking around and talking with people who own similar sized homes as yours in a similar area. That will give you some idea of the type of insurance you want and how much it will cot you.

Though it does mean adding another bill to the collection, at least Florida homeowners insurance is one you won’t mind paying. As long as you do your research and get the right kind, homeowners insurance will provide you with peace of mind around the clock.

Don’t Get Behind the Wheel without Car Insurance in Florida

Don’t Get Behind the Wheel without Car Insurance in Florida

These days, you can insure just about anything. To a lot of people, some of the options seem fairly unnecessary. However, one option you must absolutely have is car insurance in Florida. While it’s not always the easiest of policies to make sense of, you’re putting yourself at risk every time you get behind the wheel without it. Not only are you at risk in case of an accident, but you’re also in violation of the law. So continue reading this article before you get behind the wheel again.

Your Most Affordable Option

There are countless types of car insurance in Florida from places like Many of them can be quite expensive or they carry a number of elements that make prices add up if you’re not careful. However, if this has been keeping you from obtaining the insurance you need, it’s time you see just how affordable it can actually be.

Liability coverage is by far the most basic and most affordable form of car insurance in Florida. It essentially just makes sure there’s money there if you ever get into an accident and caused someone else damage. This coverage ensures they’ll have some type of capital to get their car fixed, repair their property, see a doctor, etc.

While this is type of insurance is essential and affordable, it’s far from the only kind. As we mentioned, there’s a dizzying array of policies you can choose from. However, there are at least two other examples of car insurance you might be interested in obtaining due to their coverage and their reasonable costs.

Collision and Comprehensive Insurance

This type of car insurance in Florida covers your vehicle in the case of physical damage done to it. The obvious example here would be if someone ran into it, which could happen while you’re in the car or even when it’s parked.

But if you think about it, that’s not the only way your car can get banged up. Someone might decide they want your CD player, break the window out and steal it. This is where collision and comprehensive insurance can help.

The weather in Florida also makes it easy for your car to take a beating. High winds and torrential rains could drop a branch on it, right through the windshield or across the hood. Here, too, collision and comprehensive insurance will get you the money you need.

Uninsured Motorists

Unfortunately, just because you’re obtaining car insurance in Florida doesn’t mean everyone else is as ethical. Drivers who lack insurance are a very real problem, not just in Florida, but the entire country. If someone without insurance causes your car damage, you’ll more than likely be the one paying for it thanks to their bad decisions.

So having insurance that covers accidents with uninsured motorists could come in handy and will certainly grant you peace of mind. While you still don’t want to get into an accident with someone who doesn’t have insurance, at least you’ll be better protected.

The Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association

Even with such a large number of providers out there, not everyone can afford automobile insurance. That’s why there’s the Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association or FAJUA. The agency, which is run by the state government, subsidizes coverage for those who couldn’t otherwise afford it.

However, you’re only eligible if you can prove you’ve made an honest effort at obtaining car insurance in Florida. Only with proof you’ve been denied will you be granted FAJUA insurance. Otherwise, lying to obtain it is a felony.

Each insurance agency like will have their own rules and stipulations, but this will get you started in the right direction where protecting your car is concerned. Remember, you shouldn’t be behind the wheel without this insurance, so start working for it today.

Getting the Best Florida Insurance Quotes Possible

Do you need insurance quotes for your home? Is it tough finding where to begin? Have you already become confused, overwhelmed or intimidated by the process? If so, don’t feel bad. This is a perfectly normal reaction to the confusing world of Keep reading for some help obtaining the best quotes possible.

Do Your Research

There’s simply no substitute for doing your own research when it comes to getting Florida insurance quotes. This needs to start from the beginning with speaking to friends, family and neighbors about what they pay and who they go through, as well as what all they insure. In having this conversation, you should get a good idea of what a fair quote would be as well as reputable companies to go through.

Insure Your Home

This might seem like unnecessary advice, but it’s actually very important. Too many people overpay for their home insurance because they include the price of the land they’re home is on. Your Florida insurance quotes should be for nothing more than your home—the structure built on top of it.

Insure Other Structures

Okay, so sometimes, your Florida insurance quotes should involve more than your home. An example is if you have other structures on your property that you want to insure. For example, many people own a pool. They might have a shack or even a guest house. Any of these structures can be insured in case something should happen to them, but you’ll want to make sure you include which ones you want to insure.

Think About Your Belongings

Your home insurance isn’t just about the structure you live in. It’s also about the things that share that space with you. If the worst case scenario happened and a hurricane or fire took out your home, what would you do? You would need to repurchase many items and chances are a lot of them (i.e. your TV, kitchen appliances, heirlooms, etc) would be quite expensive. Make sure your coverage can help you out in these areas.

Living Expenses

There’s also such thing as loss of use coverage. Again, if the worst were to occur, you could easily find yourself with no home. Depending on your situation, you may need to spend a prolonged period of time living out of a hotel. For a while, you may only eat out for your meals. If anything happened to your car, you may need to rent for some time. These are all things that can cost significant amounts of money which is why your insurance provider needs to help out.

Other Considerations

Again, the big thing is researching the company to make sure they’ll be level with you. Some providers make it worth paying more for because of their customer support. It’s also usually best to pick providers who have local offices so you can meet with an agent whenever you life.

While it can be difficult getting fair and accurate Florida insurance quotes, it’s necessary if you’re going to or already do own a home. Keep the above in mind and you’ll be off to a good start.